Cocondo forms and evolves in a continuous collaboration with designers as they get to work on objects that bring ecological thinking and historical awareness together. Through this method our collection grows and in the long run we offer accommodations full of unique design with a story, tailored to bunker and user. 

Artist in underground residence
Off-season, our bunkers serve as a residency for artists and designers wherever possible. Inspired by the interaction between ecology and heritage on the site, they reflect on subjects such as occupation, freedom, climate change and circularity. The created works, in whatever form they might take, can remain in the bunker. This way a collection of special design is created through which holiday guests come into contact in a noncommittal way.

Furniture with a story
The first step towards a collection was an assignment to industrial designer Remko Verhaagen. We asked Remko to create 8 pieces of furniture that turn a story about occupation into a celebration of our freedom. He used materials from the bunker and for the design he looked at both the standardised bunker furniture as well as the design and colours from average household goods of the ’40s and ’50s. This resulted in a solid and friendly furniture collection with a unique story to tell.

IJzerij Paulus


Special materials
Careful attention has been paid to the use of materials. For example, the lamp and clothes hanger were forged from recycled reinforcement iron from a piece of demolished bunker while the wood was made from fallen oak trees, provided by Zuid-Hollands Landschap.

Awareness is in the details
The stool (see photo) has one leg that can be unscrewed to reveal a hidden compartment. In a similar way, all designs contain subtle references to the past. By using these pieces in the residences we aim to create awareness about both the history of the place as well as our freedom now.

Where to find the collection
The lamp and the clothes hanger will be produced and sold in a limited edition with all proceeds going to the Cocondo pilot project.
For now only a prototype has been made of the other pieces. However, if you are interested in the possibilities of the collection please feel free to contact us.

CC 01. Lamp made of reused iron from a piece of demolished bunker


CC 02. Stool with removable wooden leg for storage


CC 03. Clothes hanger made of reused reinforcement iron taken a piece of demolished bunker


CC 04. Table made from oakwood donated by Zuid-Hollands Landschap


CC 05. Folding chair with fabric of recycled sandbags


CC 06. Bunk bed.


CC 07. Open cupboard made from oakwood donated by Zuid-Hollands Landschap


CC 08. Shelf made from oakwood donated by Zuid-Hollands Landschap


The first 8 pieces of furniture for the Cocondo Collection were designed by Blooey, produced by BLM, IJzerij Paulus, Jorn Heidekamp and Studio Aoki. Made possible by the Provincie Zuid Holland/erfgoedlijn Atlantikwall.