Stay within history and dive under nature.

Cocondo gives a new life to old bunkers along the Dutch coast. We do this in order to preserve cultural and historical heritage, to tell the stories behind it and to help protect the surrounding nature. We transform the bunkers in a sustainable and ecological way into meaningful places to stay. Each redevelopment is tailored to the bunker, nature and user.

These are our 4 core values:

Design – In collaboration with designers and artists who focus on a sustainable future, we transform bunkers into unique heritage lodgings;

Ecological – For each transformation we use natural and circular materials as much as possible, keeping in mind the existing properties of the bunker and surrounding nature;

Sustainable – All profits made from accommodation are invested in the preservation and development of nature and heritage;

Historical – Most people do not know the remarkable history of the Dutch coastal area during the reconstruction following WWII. If you sleep in a Cocondo bunker, you sleep within a story.

The bunker holiday village at Zandvoort, August 11, 1947. Photo by Henk Blansjaar (Spaarnestad Photo)

Have a sustainable seaside vacation

Along the Dutch coast thousands of bunkers are hidden in the dunes. These defence works, once considered invincible, are now dilapidated and abandoned. By giving these existing buildings a new purpose, we offer a sustainable and camouflaged alternative for coastal construction. 

For each bunker we want to make a valuable contribution to the area during the redevelopment. As a guest you not only stay in a conscious way among nature, in history and by the sea, but your ecological footprint of this holiday is also minimal. Moreover, all proceeds will go back into preserving the area. This way we create an innovative source of income for nature, and both the bunkers and the dune area will last longer.

Celebrate freedom, nature and creativity. 

Cocondo: A place to stay.