Dear guest, 

We hope you look forward to your stay at Cocondo. To make sure you wil have pleasant stay, we will share some important information and tips.

Facilities / ground rules

Parking / neighbors
Our process of obtaining all permits was long. Partly due to concerns from the residential area about parking nuisance and the blocking of exits. In order to accommodate each other, we have agreed that guests will park in this parking lot.

Checking in and out.
Self-check-in is possible from 14:00 by using the keybox. We will sent to you the code a week in advance. Check-out is possible up to 11:00 by placing back the key in the keybox.  Be aware: always close the safe with the arrow downwords. Leaving on a Sunday? Then you can sleep in and check-out up to 17:00.

Bedding and towels
We provide the bedding and towels. You will sleep wonderfully under products of Yumeko. Do you need extra blankets? You can find spare blankets underneath the couch. Towels can be found underneath the washstand in the bathroom. There is also soap and shampoo available from Marcel’s Green Soap.

The bunker has a fully equipped kitchen, including oil, tea and coffee. Any fresh and clean leftovers from your stay? We prefer not to throw anything away, so feel free to leave it for the next guests.

Aptum made an installation for the living room, which includes a remote control that hangs on the wall. With 8 different programs you can choose an atmosphere. The lighting behind the curtains in the bedroom works with both a remote control (channel 1) and wall switches.
The lighting for the kitchen works with a small black button that’s placed at the far and of the shelf. There is also a small light above the furnace. 

The WiFi network is called Cocondo and the password is telefoonj1.

Toilet / shower
Everything works on (green) electricity, including hot water. This requires a lot of energy, so enjoy the shower, but also think about the environment. Wastewater is milled underneath the bunker and pumped up. All the pipes are buried meters deep, so we want to prevent blockages. Therefore, do not flush large food scraps down the sink or your own paper, tampons or sanitary towels down the toilet. Only use our own toilet paper (modestly).

Heating / ventilation 
We heat the bunker with floor heating that works fully automatic. During the summer, the floor heating only ensures warm feet. So don’t be alarmed by the temperature on the display. During the summer this is the floor and not the air temperature. After the summer too cold? You can temporarily raise the thermostat. Press the temperature and choose your duration. If this is not sufficient, use the pellet stove. This has a supply for 2 days and extra pellets are stored in the couch. The operation is simple by holding the on/off button for a few seconds. It then takes the stove 5 minutes to set everything in motion. The bedroom has a radiator and you can easily adjust it to your liking.
The bedroom has a ventilator for refreshing the air. Don’t be scared by the noise, it will turn off automatically after 21:00 and turns on again at 10:00

Under the box bed you will find pillows for the lounge chairs and hammocks for the tree. Put it back after use to protect it from the weather.

The local flora and fauna
So far, our wildlife camera has recorded a fox, beach marten, stoat, many rabbits and two domestic cats. Bats are the other main residents of bunkers. About 150 specimens of different species use the bunkers in the Vineta dunes for hibernation. During the summer they reside in the forrest. There is a ‘bat detector’ you can use. With this device you can make the high frequency sonar orientation of bats audible. Each species has its own pitch. We recommend an adventure in the forest at dusk and search for water. Here the bats hunt for mosquitoes and moths. Did you know that one bat can catch up to 2000 mosquitoes per day? That is a lot less mosquito bites per bat.

Our personal tips for the area.

For groceries you can visit the center of Hoek van Holland. Within walking distance there is also the Attent for fresh bread and small groceries.

There is plenty to do during your stay. We would like to share some highlights:

The Noorderpier
The town of Hoek van Holland and all the fortifications were created after the ‘Nieuwe Waterweg’ was dug in 1872. To prevent this important waterway to Rotterdam from silting up, long piers were constructed on both banks. The 4.5-kilometer-long ‘Noorderpier‘ is now a wonderful place to have a walk. Here you can watch ships pass against the background of the port of Rotterdam. 

Hoek van Holland has several beaches. The ‘Hoekse Strand‘ is a 15-minute walk. This is where the local ‘Hoekenezen’ and water sports enthusiasts go. It is relatively quiet and there are a few beach bars and surf schools. To the south lies ‘Rotterdam Beach‘. Bathers from Rotterdam and nearby cities come here. It is more crowded / lively and there is a dozen of beach pavilions. To the north is ‘Beach Vluchtenburg‘. This beach is more quiet and has two nice beach bars. A long walk or bike ride through the dunes is recommended.

Water sports
We recommend
de Surfschool if you want to have surf lessons, go blokarting or sandboarding. Reservations for an activity can easily be made via the website.

Hoek van Holland has excellent cycling opportunities. Highly recommended is a bike ride along the coast to the Zandmotor or even The Hague. Want to rent a bike? There are two shops in the centre of Hoek van Holland: Kleijn Tweewielers and Peter van Leeuwen. You can also bring your bike on the Fast Ferry to the ‘Maasvlakte’ and visit Future Land.

Food and drinks
Would you rather eat out than cook in the bunker? Plenty of possibilities!
The nearby Plstk Café is our personal favorite and lies in the dunes. Here you can enjoy delicious food and drinks with a great view.

For a special beach atmosphere and plant-based menu, we recommend Pele’s Surfshack.

Strandtent de Pit on the beach of Vluchtenburg is well known for the free atmosphere and delicious pizzas from their own wood stove.

Also located on the beach of Vluchtenburg is Elements Beach. This special place breathes light and has a menu with only vegetable and organic products.  

Just fancy a snack? At the Noorderpier is ‘snackbar de Pier‘, built against a bunker. Here they sell (in their own way) a famous portion of grated chips with a beautiful view over the Nieuwe Waterweg. Or get the homemade fries from Ina’s snackbar, also near the Noorderpier. In the mood for fish? Near the bunker you will find the Hoekse Vishandel in the parking lot. It is the favorite spot for fish among the locals.

For questions about your stay, please call / sms / whatsapp +31641249432 or send an e-mail to info@cocondo.nl