About Us

Cocondo is a project of Stichting Stelling 33. With innovative concepts, Stelling 33 aims to put in perspective the contemporary meaning of the Atlantikwall. We do this by means of temporary interventions or sustainable developments of both landscape and buildings.

Our partners
In order to first research the possibilities of Cocondo, the organizations below carried out a feasibility study in 2017.


With the pilot we will now test the findings and optimize the concept. In order to be able to do this, we are particularly grateful to the following parties:


Cocondo could not have existed without the support of the following grants, funds and sponsors:


Contact details of Cocondo:
Phone: +31641249432
E-mail: info@cocondo.nl 

Adress pilot:
Kleinzand 6
3151VE Hoek van Holland

Postal adress:
Proveniersstraat 24A02
3033CJ Rotterdam

K.v.K. Rotterdam 58527575
VAT number NL 8530.77.198.B.01